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New in the Etsy shop! The Blue Sky Bistro! 
I up-cycle a blue Skyy Vodka bottle to make these feeders - so availability depends on if I find one of these bottles at our local recycle center! ♥ Visit the Etsy shop frequently or email me if you want one held back for you!

New Birdhouse! - The Love Shack ♥

Custom birdhouse - "The Loft - Love the colors!

Custom "Texas" themed birdhouse. I think the license plates were the perfect touch! ♥

Finally we have a bluebird house listed in the Etsy shop! 
Each birdhouse is unique ♥ ~ weathered barn tin, antique ceiling tiles, vintage hardware. 
The front opens for nest removal and is secured with a vintage hook and eye latch. Entrance hole size is 1 1/2" ~ suitable for bluebirds.. Each birdhouse will vary slightly. Choose color option at checkout. White features a weathered barn tin roof. Cedar and dark brown have antique ceiling tiles. The tiles have have some of the original paint (and rust) and have been sealed to protect against the elements. Tiles will vary slightly with each birdhouse. Hook and eye latches will vary in size and shape with each birdhouse.

New hanging birdhouse design - "The Cottage" 
Weathered barn tin, vintage hardware, antique key! Entrance hole size is 1 1/4" - suitable for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice. ♥ Several colors to choose from in the Etsy shop!

Several colors available in the Etsy shop of this fun bird feeder, "The Cafe"! 
Antique hardware, weathered barn tin and a skeleton key! The top lifts up to fill with birdseed - hangs from attached wire. 

Listed these 3 vintage 1970s soda bottle bird feeders in the Etsy shop and they sold in less than an hour! - Maybe the bottles were worth more than I had the feeders priced... ♥

New!!  Wine bottle hummingbird feeders! In the Etsy shop now! 

New larger hummingbird feeders!
"The Sugar Shack" ~ Repurposed 24 oz glass bottle, copper wire, decorative accents (copper colored metal hummingbird - red glass beads) and plastic feeder base (separtes for easy cleaning).

Market houses in Red, White and Blue! - Perfect for the 4th!

Love these feeders just listed in the Etsy shop! I'm calling this one "The Irish Pub" The top (roof) lifts up to fill the feeder with birdseed. - Hangs from attached wire.~ Weathered barn tin, vintage hardware - the perch on the back of the feeder is an antique "shamrock" carpet clamp.

Guess who is in the 417 Home magazine this month?
~ It's Esther - my favorite hen!! Go to this link for the full article: Gardening Above Ground

Jeff has brought back "The Chapel" to the Etsy shop! All proceeds from this birdhouse will be donated to Lifeline Christian Mission. Each birdhouse is unique - antique ceiling tiles, glass knob, vintage hardware, skeleton key and a side door for nest removal.

So excited! Carolina Chickadees have made a home in one of our hanging birdhouses, "The Villa". Each birdhouse is unique - weathered barn tin, vintage hardware and a side door for nest removal.

Cats and birdhouses aren't a good mix, but this guy (Winston Churchhill) thinks that a living-roof birdhouse makes the best spot for a catnap. :)

Two months ago we added a DIY version of our living roof birdhouse to the Etsy shop. Since then we've shipped 75 of these birdhouses all across the country! I enjoy hearing back from customers that completed this project and I LOVE when they share photos!! - These Californian houses turned out great! ♥  DIY Living-roof Birdhouse (Etsy)

5000 likes on Facebook! Gaveaway 2 glass bottle hummingbird feeders as a celebration!

Back at the market! I love Lydia's chalkboard art. So nice to have an artist in the family! ♥

Preparing for a class on vertical gardens... I was surprised at how well this "Pallet Project" turned out! One is full of salad crops - lettuce, spinach, kale - and topped off with a compact basil variety. The smaller pallet is planted with winter hardy sedums. 

Yesterday during the rain, my backyard flock took shelter under a stand of living roof birdhouses freshly planted for our return to the market... We'll be back at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks May 2nd with a full supply of birdhouses, containers and such - great Mother's Day gifts!

We're in Country Gardens magazine! Check out the article in the Spring 2015 issue ♥
We added a DIY version of our living-roof birdhouse to the Etsy shop. Here's the link:

Love these copper colored metal crosses on the glass bottle bird feeder "The Bistro". Just in time for Easter. Check them out in the Etsy shop! 

 Lucky Irish birdhouses! - In the Etsy shop now. - The perch is an antique "shamrock" carpet clamp

Over 4000 "likes" on Facebook! - Time for a Giveaway!
Leave a comment on my Facebook page (this link) and in 1 week (March 8) I'll randomly choose a winner. They will then get to choose a glass bottle bird feeder, "The Bistro" from our Etsy shop! - Share our page and this giveaway with all your bird-loving friends!!…

I've added a new birdhouse to the mix! I'm calling this one "The Tudor". Each birdhouse is unique ♥ ~ weathered barn tin, antique hardware, eye-bolt for hanging. Rock front is grouted and sealed to withstand the elements. Constructed of weather resistant cedar with a side door for nest removal. Entrance hole size is 1 1/4" ~ suitable for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows...

Custom Birdhouses shipped to Virginia. 
The customer provided the unique hardware and antique doorknobs. 
Love how these turned out. ♥

Dreaming of spring and hummingbirds...
Picked up a few of these copper hummingbird pendants to add to our Etsy feeder ~ "The Sweet Shoppe" - repurposed glass bottle hummingbird feeder. 

Christmas Market 2014 ♥
We'll be at the Market the Saturdays before Christmas and the Etsy shop is open everyday...  
The birdhouses and feeders are going fast. - Shop early!

New birdseed ornaments!! Thanks to my good friend, Chris, for letting me have some of the holly berries from her huge American Holly tree. These miniature birdseed wreaths have proven to be a big hit among my backyard birds! Go to the link below for the DIY instructions:

Picked up a few of these cute copper tree pendants to add to the "Bistro" glass bottle bird feeders. Each leaf says a word: concern, courage, seek, confide, trust, imagine, believe, love... ♥

Living roof birdhouses, "The Cottage" ...

Fresh coat of paint on the living-roof chicken coop (the ultimate birdhouse)... I think it still looks great going into its 5th year. - I've probably only watered the roof a handful of times - none this year. It's planted with a variety of winter hardy sedums/succulents. ♥

Just added a few new birdhouses, "The Cabin", to the Etsy shop (RebeccasBirdGardens - Etsy)
I especially love this yellow one with a hand craved vintage walnut drawer pull. - Grace thinks it looks like it has a mustache...

Loading up the Etsy shop (RebeccasBirdGardens - Etsy)! Birdhouses make great Christmas gifts!!

Summer Market 2014 ♥

Jeff's off season projects... Upcycled old doors - a bookcase for Grace, a shelf for me and a coffee table for Lydia. LOVE these!!

New for this fall. - Our new bird feeder, "The Cafe".
The roof lifts up to store a good quantity of birdseed. 
I'll have several colors available in the Etsy shop soon!

Facebook Giveaway!
Go to my Facebook page, Rebecca's Bird Gardens, to enter the giveaway! 
Winner announced 7/18/14!

Bluebirds 2014!

Living-roof Feeder and a Blue Jay enjoying the open air cafe. ♥

Spring 2014 
New Wine Bottle Bird-feeders with finch or thistle feed ports - perches.

Added a new brighter green color to the mix...

April 13, 2014 ~ The Hummers have returned!
Grace has been busy making mosaic glass bottle hummingbird feeders. I've decided to call these: 
"Gracie's Sweet Shoppe" Looks like the hummers approve! 

2500 likes on Facebook! I'm giving away this blue glass bottle bird-feeder, "The Bistro" ♥
Go to my Facebook page to enter the drawing. ~ A winner will be randomly chosen March 29th.

Grace's assignment for her American government class:
Create something representing the American flag - with the correct number of stripes (7 red, 6 white ~ red stripes at both top and bottom edges) and 50 stars... She took one of our Chapel birdhouses and did an awesome glass mosaic! 
Her grade: an A ~ 100%  ♥  

Love this new Winking Owl wine bottle bird-feeder!

New this spring! Wine-Bottle Bird-Feeders ~ "The Vineyard"

Rustic Bird-Feeder ~ The Diner

Snow Days 2014

Over 2000 likes on Facebook ♥
Having a giveaway for a Glass Bottle Bird-Feeder!
Click here to enter ~  Rebecca's Bird Gardens Giveaway

 A bottle of red...
and a couple of Carolina Chickadees!

Check out our blog to see more photos and my DIY projects!  ♥ Rebecca's Bird Gardens Blog

Etsy shop grand opening! Click on this link: Rebecca's Bird Gardens (Etsy)

Christmas Market Ornaments 2013
Something for your Christmas tree and a few birdseed ornaments to treat your feathered friends!
Birdhouses, metal birds, and up-cycled ornaments made of re-purposed wool coats and jackets!

Market Wreaths!
Miniature birdhouse and bird ornament. ♥

Winter Market 2013
I'll have a few of these Rock Cabin Birdhouses at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks in December (Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings). They're not my favorite birdhouse to make (very time consuming), but they look awesome and mine still looks great after two winters outside... It's a solid secure birdhouse any bird would be proud to call home. 

New this Christmas at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks!
"The Chapel" All proceeds from the sale of this birdhouse will go to Lifeline Christian Mission

Living-Roof Cottage August 2013

Boswell - the garden cat - house sitting...

July Market ~ In the new pavilion!

Added a new color to the mix:  Yellow

Birdseed Wreaths ~ $7.00 or here's the recipe!

-Dissolve 2 packets unflavored gelatin in 1 cup water (on stove) over warm heat.
-Add 3/4 cup corn starch and 6 tablespoons corn syrup.
-Stir until it forms a thick paste without lumps - then quickly add 8 cups birdseed.

-Stir the seed mixture until it is thoroughly coated with the paste. Spoon into two greased Bundt pans. I also insert a wire circle into each wreath (it helps to hold the birdseed and wreath together longer). 
-Refrigerate for 1 hour then remove wreaths from pans and let dry overnight - turn them over to allow them to dry completely...
-Attach string, jute or ribbon ~ hang outside ~ watch the show!

*Use within one week - otherwise they start to look moldy :(
*They'll melt in the rain!

July 4th 2013 ~ Red, White and Blue!

Market June 2013

Lydia's chalk drawing June 2013 ♥

Living-Roof Bird Feeders...

Bluebird Living-roof Houses

The Garden House ♥

New this spring! 

"Rebecca's Bird Gardens" branded into each birdhouse and feeder!

Also new this year...
Glass Bottle Bird-Feeders!
I am also selling the adapters if you want to make your own DIY feeder.

Glass Bottle Hummingbird Feeders! 

Catnip Birds!
Give your cat a bird they're allowed to play with! Made out of wool coats and sweaters and filled with organic catnip from Rebecca's garden!

*There are even a few cashmere cardinals!

December Winter Market...
Christmas treats for the birds! ~ Pine-cone suet ornaments and birdseed wreaths!

New for this fall!  
"The Loft"
Complete with an antique doorknob and skeleton key!

Another new addition for the fall:  The Wren House!

July 7th at the market:  Cabin birdhouse, Garden birdhouse, 
Rock Cottage...

For Father's Day...
Rock cottages and tackle boxes planted with a variety of sedums...

Custom birdhouse for a customer that loves horses... 
Horseshoes are often hung on doors or above doors, in the hope that it will provide luck to those within, as well as providing luck to those who enter and leave. ~ Hopefully a lucky bird will enjoy this house :)

Baskets:  All shapes and sizes, something new each week!

Each filled with a variety of winter hardy sedums...

Vertical! Frames and Wreaths ♥

I've got the blues...
Blue birdhouses and feeders!

Custom made birdhouse for a coworker of Jeff...
Since the plates were from the bicentennial year (1976), he felt a red, white and blue theme was appropriate!

Something new for opening day!
Rock Cottages and Garden Houses!

New this spring!
Rustic-Recycled Birdhouses and Feeders...with non-living roofs!


On one Saturday at the Farmers' Market, we had our first fight between two women over who saw the red birdhouse first! 

Win a Plant!
Visit my booth at the market-- answer a bird trivia question correctly and win a plant!

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